Sony Music Entertainment College Marketing Representative

Sony Music U plays an essential role in the development and roll out of Sony Music's emerging and established artists. Our College Marketing Representatives organizes listening events, creates social media content, executes marketing activations, interacts closely with campus groups and liaise with record stores and lifestyle shops to help our artists reach fans. As a College Marketing Rep you will be asked to oversee hyper-local marketing initiatives while also using your social influence as a platform for new, digital marketing initiatives. There is an expectation that digital/social initiative will live on the approved social pages you manage on a semi-permanent basis.

Nicky Jam ‘Cangrinaje’ Release

A Sony artist named Nicky Jam partnered with Athon Energy and created an energy drink in promotion of his new single, ‘Cangrinaje’. The ask, was to feature the song and product in an Instagram Reel or Tiktok, with full creative liberty to the create content. 

N'Sync x Trolls Paint and Playlist

The "Playlist and Paint" initiative, part of our Extracurricular Campaign, brings Sony artists to college campuses, offering students a unique blend of live music and painting. This engaging program goes beyond traditional classroom settings, fostering artistic collaboration and cultural exchange, and embodies our mission to unite education with student passions.

Influencer Collab "Give Them their Flowers"

To kickoff the 2023 Back-To-School year, SMU will activate the "Give Them Their Flowers' campaign.

This is a campaign focused on positivity, acknowledgment and connection to people. "Give Them Their Flowers" is our opportunity to create moments for students and artists to recognize individuals in their lives who have made a positive Impact.

SMU will curate IRL and virtual activities for artists to show how "Give Them Their Flowers" creates interesting and personal moments around human connection.