Pennoni Honors College Instagram

The Smart Set Magazine is the first Instagram account that I have managed. The magazine is a small non-fiction publication. From this position I was able to grow in experience and receive the opportunity to launch a campaign along with the Pennoni Honors College Instagram account.

PHC People Campaign

*Merchandise designed by our in-house graphic designer* I was tasked with the following; advertising the merchandise pieces, engaging students to show out to the PHC (Pennon Honors College) Welcome Week event, and plan a launch and future plan for the official PHC instagram account. In order to accomplish this, I did extravagant research and landed on a plan. I decided to acquire models, shoot a photoshoot, and put together an editorial newsletter. To correspond with the account launch I created Instagram artworks all catered to the concept of "Pennoni People". 

Editorial Newsletter


Welcome Week. Email advertising campaign here, repurposed into an instagram carousel. 


This is a recap of the Welcome Week event. Our show out and student engagement for this event was more than double the estimated guests for attendance. Our merchandise stock completely ran out. My biggest accomplishments for this project, were people who offered to buy the merchandise that was being given out and marketed as free.

Featured Work From This Project

The account on launch day

My contributions:

Designed the profile picture with the approved color palette mandated by Drexel University. 

Dictated language and formatted the name and bio.

Created a cohesive grid design for the instagram, broken down into individual posts. 

- The concept for the grid was to represent the students, furthermore, who they were outside of the classroom. I drew inspiration from the city of Philadelphia, where our campus is and students live while developing. I also chose the color concept of black and white blending into hints of color to show transformation and progress-- as student do from freshman to senior year. 


I managed the Honors College account towards the end of my   Co-Op cycle. In that time I accomplished an array of projects. Most notable, being the instagram launching project and Welcome Week/PHC People Campaign. Working the Pennoni Honors College account differed from The Smart Set my previous experience because I directed an account launch, expanded into my photography skills, and learned to capture events in this time. 


Recap Reel for the Honors College. Capturing The Star Summer Showcase with videography 

The Smart Set Instagram

The account before my Co-Op Cycle

The account after my Co-Op Cycle

My Contributions:

Creative directed the Logo and highlight concepts for the in-house graphic designer to create graphics  

Creative directed instagram posts specifically used to advertise magazine content

Planned and organized the featured highlights

Dictated language for the bio and name

Created and diversified Instagram content- still photography, digital graphics, excerpts/quotes, and reels.

Launched a post schedule 

Formatted and dictated Instagram post captions


These are an array of posts that I have created for The smart Set. These include still posts and reels. In this role I embraced creativity, experimentation, and initiative. I took every opportunity I could and tried to add my touch to a non-fiction academic brand. 


This reel was used to show the other side of The Smart Set. I wanted to let the followers see the office and where all the work is being done. It inspired me to showcase the layers of the magazine.


The Smart Set Magazine created a zine and had done nothing with it. I took them and tried to create as much content as possible with what I had. 


The attention on the old zine sparked a conversation for the creation of a new one. The in-house graphic designer would be creating the zine, while I would tease its launch and market its release seen here. 


Come to work with me reel. I wanted to show BTS to my job and a small peak at what I do.


The in-house graphic designer created a poster to market the Smart Set Magazine across campus. I thought a cool concept would be to market the poster, used to market the magazine.