Photo by Zain Naqvi on Pexels

Jae Vesey

A progression of my career. 

About Me

I currently attend Drexel University, working towards a Bachelor of Arts in communications.  Communications has allowed me to express myself verbally, while social media and digital design enhances my ability to communicate visually. 

How I Work

I am passionate. I believe in working hard individually while valuing all inner working parts within a team. I am not afraid to ask for help to produce the best quality work. When designated a task, I devote all my time and energy until it's completed to a standard I deem proud of. 

My Ethos

I believe in admitting to what I don't know. I use this to spur my curiosity and spark creativity. Social media has allowed me to express myself and develop my interests. 

Get in Touch

To speak further on future opportunities, please contact me.