Photo by Caio on Pexels

Fall Formal

I held the responsibility of putting together Delta Zeta's 2022 Fall formal, as Formal Chair. 

Theme and Invitations


This graphic was sent to all members.

I decided to choose a trending fast-food location new to the Philadelphia area, Raising Canes. 

I decided upon Ed's pizza for nostalgia on campus, it a Drexel favorite and for affordability. 

Blaze is also very well known, I decided to incorporate them to keep inclusivity of food options. 


I decided to work with Roar because of their variety in the different spaces they had. I really liked the concept of and indoor and outdoor space that would come decorated with florals.

Roar is also easy accessible and close to campus in comparison to past events typically hosted at hotels in bare spaces. 

Roar offered a high energy atmosphere, but also security that closed off the event to all outsiders, and we were able to negotiate custom graphics for the DJ booth.

Advertising to Delta Zeta By Me

I created graphics in Canva to send in our DZ group messages to promote sign up and RSVPS for the formal.

Custom DJ Booth Graphics By Me

I created this slide show to be played during the event to celebrate DZ and to go along with our theme. 


For an interactive photography aspect I decided to work with Foto Fete. They provided an array of  Photo-Booth services with a working attendee at the event. It was was very well liked. The crowd was lined up to take pics throughout the whole event. 

Featured Photos From Event

These pictures could be downloaded to your phone and printed on sight, with a custom Delta Zeta emblem on the top-left corner, and the date of the formal. I decided upon the highest quality "Hollywood booth" for the best photos, greatest lighting, and the option for pictures to be transformed into black and white, to go along with the theme. 

I wanted to have a take home aspect to the event. I thought this served that role; having the date, a picture of a memory, and the classic photo-booth aesthetic, captures what I wanted my formal to feel like.